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Company History

Preservation and Framing Services’ story began in 1982 with our co-founder, Abbas in Maryland. Over the last 40 years, the business has grown to two locations, employing a staff and creating thousands of pieces of custom framed art and restored pieces that dot the homes and walls of the DC area’s art community. Now with a DC boutique and Rockville, MD warehouse, PFS enjoys a reputation as being the best-of-the-best in terms of custom framers in the Washington, D.C. area.

Our shop is so much more than just custom framing and restoration of artwork. We built and created this business with a passion to serve our community and provide a location for our community to come together.

Running a small business has obstacles and hardships, but what has kept us strong and together as a team is the vision and belief that we make an impact on people’s lives.

  1. 1982: The Beginning

    Abbas, founder, began custom framing with a partner.

  2. 1986: Picture Frame Factory

    Abbas decided to create his own business to instill his morals into his business. He created Picture Frame Factory. It began in a small 1200 square foot location in Rockville MD

  3. 1995: Growth!

    An opportunity presented itself and Picture Frame Factory was able to move to a 8000 Square foot location in Rockville MD.

  4. 1996: PFS is Born

    Picture Frame Factory expanded to create Preservation and Framing Services which opened in Washington DC off Connecticut Ave. Matin, Abbas’ business partner and wife at the time ran this location.

  5. 1997: Landing in Washington

    Preservation and Framing Services moved to Wisconsin Avenue which has been the home of our DC location for 20 years!

  6. 2000: Le Galleria

    We opened up a store in Olney MD called Le Galleria.

  7. 2002: Beating Cancer

    Co-founder Matin is diagnosed with brest cancer and "Le Galleria" is closed while she is undergoing treatment. Spoiler alert: Matin triumphed!

  8. 2011: Business Partners

    Matin and Abbas divorced but decided to keep their business because of their passion and love for their clients and frame shop!

  9. 2015: Merging Locations

    Picture Frame Factory officially merged under the Preservation and Framing Services name.

  10. 2016: All in the Family

    Parisa, Matin and Abbas’ daughter decided to learn and grow the family business. She put aside her nursing career to help PFS become the best framing place in town.

  11. Survived the Pandemic!

    Our small business officially survived the COVID-19 Pandemic and continues to thrive for 40 years and counting!

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