Preservation & Framing Services

MermaidRestore, preserve, and frame your artwork at  Preservation & Framing Services. Specializing in art restoration and preservation through the use of conservation framing and museum glass installation, we have been serving Maryland, and Washington, DC since 1982.

Cave men and women put their art on the stone walls of their homes, etching in likenesses of the people and animals in their environment. Their art still remains, and onlookers are amazed by what and how they chose to depict in their lives. Today Americans and people throughout the world use their smart phones to take pictures of important matters in their lives and send them to friends and family. But all this social networking doesn't last for long and can't be readily transferred to the walls of their homes for everyday viewing.

The history of families is best secure when individuals choose to take important objects, paintings, and photos to experts in the field of preservation and framing who can blend not only appropriate colors for walls but the best techniques for long-lasting results that can be passed on for generations. No object is an exception to this type of framing and preservation, from shoes that had a special place in one's life and can be preserved in a shadow box frame to letters, paintings, diplomas, photos, and everyday pieces of life's happenings.

Finding an inexpensive frame on the Internet may be an option for framing, but no lawyer, doctor, or university professor wants to find that after a few months the diplomas have bubbled or crinkled as a result of an unprofessional effort by the individual. Certainly, too, clients of such individuals wouldn't be impressed by the shoddy results they view.

For the history of families to be preserved for generations, experts in the field of framing are necessary. And unlike cave men and women who could deeply etch their history in stone, preservation is a skill that ensures longevity and high quality results.

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